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Choosing a Bikini 2012

iStock_000016416018XSmallWhen choosing the right bikini for 2012 don’t think you have to be a celebrity to find the right one for your body! This year there are many hot styles and colors to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small on top, short legs and torso, have a long body, or are looking for a one piece of a two-piece, there is definitely something available for you.

Citizen Watch Repair

citizen-watch-repair-11If you have a watch that isn't ticking like it used to (or has a number of other problems), then it may be time to try a Citizen watch repair. But before you make the move and get your Citizen brand watch fixed, it's best to determine whether or not you actually need to pay for such a service. underwear brand is on the way be fashion 101!

underwearOne thing that women really like about men is when they wear nice trendy looking underwear. If there are any of you guys out there who aren’t already aware of that, you need to be. Trust us on this; once you have scored and you are down to your briefs, if you have a nice appealing pair on, the women really like this. And it definitely gets them to train their eyes on the area you want them to be looking at.

Beats By Dre Review

beat by dre reviewBeats by Dre is a line of loudspeakers and headphones founded in 2008 by Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine and hip hop producer Dr. Dre. The products are marketed under Beats Electronics, LLC but are manufactured, distributed, and sold under exclusive licensing by Monster Cable Products. However, rumor has it that as of January 12, 2012 Monster Cable and Beats Electronics decided not to renew their 5 year contract, and their partnership will be ending.

The Ecstacy and Agony of High Heels

birkenstock-sandal-madridIf you wear high heels, you are at risk to throw your toes, spine and knees out of alignment and you know it. Why do we do it? Because high heels are powerful. They place our bottoms to the spot that causes men to pay attention and linger, and we seem to like these men creatures, don’t we. In The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe, William A. Rossi says the high heel can raise the buttocks by 25 percent and feminise the gait by shortening the stride to cause a mincing step that suggests a certain amount of helpless bondage Just like drinking water and and asprin to help with drinking alcohol, we have to do something to offset the damage to our bodies from high heels.

Fashion designer Elizabeth Anne combines purses & boots

Purse n BootsLady GaGa’s “Just Dance” was a huge hit that captured many women’s imaginations, but it was the line “I lost my keys, I lost my phone” that really got Canadian fashion designer Elizabeth Anne thinking. Elizabeth, a 27 year old hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, came up with the unique concept she calls “Purse n Boots” in 2009, when she began work on a pair of designer boots with interior pockets specially made to fit smart phones, keys, credit cards and cash. She calls them, appropriately, “the world’s first purse for your feet”.

Designer Discount Club?

ddc300x250Our goal is to provide an unbiased review about Designer Discount Club. Here at Art Fashionista we take advantage of statistical data to make our observations 100% objective. We would like to give you the reader informed knowledge of the company in question: Designer Discount Club. Getting started, let’s briefly describe exactly what this site is.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Ways To Lose Weight Fast!

Weight lossWith obesity rates rising and Hollywood's newfound praise for thin women, more and more people are seeking out weight loss options. There are dozens of advertisements on television for weight loss programs, systems, drugs, and secrets. Some are tried and true, while others are pure fiction. Whether you plan on dropping pounds for health or vanity, it's important that you learn the facts before committing to anything. There are many good and bad methods of losing weight. It is very important to remember that, even though websites and friends may encourage them, you should still check with your doctor and research as much as you can. The popular options are not always the best. There are hundreds of web sites, books, and magazines out there that could be used to gather everything you need to make an informed decision. This article will cover ten of the most popular weight loss options, and explain if and how they work.


twirlyz_instruction_video2Improving the world one hair accessory at a time! Do you love the look of Caribbean hair braiding? With Twirlyz you can easily get that result in a few seconds. Twirlyz is a hair wrapping accessory handmade in the USA that makes everyone’s hair look fashionable and exciting. When you wear Twirlyz you have the best of both worlds; a colorful new hair accessory and peace of mind knowing that you are helping change the world one Twirlyz at a time.

2011 Teen Choice Awards – Red Carpet Fashion

teen-choice-awards-2011If you missed the 2011 Teen Choice Awards then here is the low down on the hottest fashion. The Teen choice awards fashion is always unique and many viewers are surprised by the fashions the celebrities choose to express. If you did watch Teen Choice Awards, then you are very well aware of the hottest celebrities and their most notorious fashions.