The Ecstacy and Agony of High Heels

The Ecstacy and Agony of High Heels

If you wear high heels, you are at risk to throw your toes, spine and knees out of alignment and you know it. Why do we do it? Because high heels are powerful. They place our bottoms to the spot that causes men to pay attention and linger, and we seem to like these men creatures, don’t we. In The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe, William A. Rossi says the high heel can raise the buttocks by 25 percent and feminise the gait by shortening the stride to cause a mincing step that suggests a certain amount of helpless bondage Just like drinking water and and asprin to help with drinking alcohol, we have to do something to offset the damage to our bodies from high heels. The occasional osteopathic visit is one. Massage is a minor other, and then there are additional options.

Agony of High Heels

Shoe shopping is the highest form of shopping. They are walking erotica, meant for arousal, and to entertain us as we entertain the men. Don’t forget to protect your body through the years as you navigate the sexual world.

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Birkenstock sandals and shoes are one such supportive device. Some won’t wear them in public, and others don’t care, but there is news here. Sexy Birkenstocks like the Gizeh Silver or red Madrids do exist, you just need to choose carefully. If you want to look for some that nobody else has, try this discount footwear spot below that orders them from Germany, and specialize in ones that nobody else has. They take a bit longer, but back pain and tortured toes last a lifetime when the damage is done.

So do yourself a favor, both to you and women everywhere, and while you are enjoying those high heels and the attention you get in them, keep on the lookout for your health too, and look for alternatives to them. Add Birkenstocks to your arsenal. Fashion is about creativity, and shouldn’t be about self-flagilation. Well except maybe once in a while…

Birkenstock Sandals4less
12 Beech Rd
Standish, Me 04084

The above Birkenstock shoe company has the lowest regular outlet prices in the USA and Canada, and specializes in Birkenstock sandals and shoes that are normally found only for the European market.

The Ecstacy and Agony of High Heels

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