Sundresses! How to Choose Them

Blue SundressWhen you think of sundresses you also imagine the sand running through your toes, the waves splashing in relaxing rhythm, seagulls cawing, and the warm breeze brushing your sundress against your tanned legs. Lightweight, flowing summer dresses are the idealized vision of summer attire. When the weather heats up, say goodbye to pant suits and sweaters. It’s time to pack away your winter wardrobe and bring out the sundresses! But, with so many fashionable designs to choose from, adding new selections to your summer wardrobe can prove to be a daunting task. Begin narrowing down your choices by envisioning your perfect day in the dress.

Women expecting to spend time in the office will likely need a more modest cut than those planning to enjoy most of the day sunbathing on their favorite sandy beach. Necklines can range from plunging V-necks to a humble t-shirt cut. Sundresses have generally walked the line between full sun-exposure and modesty, and they continue to do so elegantly. It is possible to have the best of Black Sundressboth worlds by purchasing a lightweight jacket (unlined silk is a perfect fabric for hot summer days) that can be thrown on at the office and hidden away after punching the time clock at the end of the day.

Hemlines are another thing to consider. To choose a hemline, it is important to know where the dress will be most frequently worn. Mini-skirt hemlines are an absolute no-no in the office, and though floor-length styles may be fashionable, they do not exude a businesslike personality. Office worthy lengths will generally be found between mid-calf and mid-thigh. For more casual dress, any length and style of hemline is available. On the beach, even floor-length summer dresses can sustain the cooling sensation of a light wind, so comfort is never sacrificed for preference.

With their loose-fitting, lightweight fabric, many sundresses come in just one-size. However, there are some styles that have been designed for a more full-figured woman. Plus size sundresses Maxidressare cut to accentuate the most flattering features of a curvaceous woman without altering the flowing comfort and femininity of a standard size dress.

For women interested in designer labels, many prominent lines feature options to escape the summer heat. Cheap sundresses can be purchased at a fraction of the price, though, and are of the same quality as their brand name counterparts. Because the comfortable, free-flowing dresses are so popular, often the same item is available in multiple fabric and print selections. Accessories can also give one simple dress numerous ways to be worn. Belts, scarves, and cardigans are great additions to an already gorgeous ensemble.

Express your femininity this summer by dawning your favorite designs, no matter if you’re stuck in the workplace or reading your favorite guilty pleasure by the waves. Flirty sundresses with short hemlines are perfect for a day at the beach with friends. Reserved, mid-calf length summer dresses worn with an extra layer are both professional and breathable. No matter which style you choose, it will be a comfortable, cooling solution to a hot, sticky day.

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